Monday, September 19th, 2016 Posted by Jim Thacker

Escape Motions releases Rebelle 1.5

The launch trailer for Rebelle, Escape Motions’ fluid-simulation-based digital paint package. The latest update, Rebelle 1.5, adds touchscreen support and the option to freeze the diffusion of wet paint at any point.

Escape Motions has released Rebelle 1.5, the latest version of its fluid-simulation-based digital painting tool, adding over 40 new features, including touchscreen support.

Control liquid paint in real time
Rebelle mimics the behaviour of watercolour and acrylic paint, complete with fluid flow and blending. Users can control the flow of the paint in real time by tilting or blowing on the virtual page.

Colours blend realistically, and there are controls for smudging and blending paint, and for progressively erasing brushstrokes that have already been created.

The software can also mimic the behaviour of dry media, including pencil, pastel and marker.

New painting and brush options
New features in Rebelle 1.5 include the physically impossible but creatively valuable option to freeze the diffusion of wet paint across the canvas whenever you choose.

There are also four new brush modes – Normal, Permanent, Dirty and Clean – which control whether a paint colour fades from brushstrokes over time, and how the brush picks up colour from previous strokes.

In addition, the existing Smudge tool now has an option only to smudge wet parts of a painting, while the Dry tool has the option to keep paint layers “a little bit wet” when drying watercolour paint.

There is also a new Lazy Mouse option for smoothing irregularities in freehand strokes.

Touchscreen support and workflow improvements
The update also introduces a number of changes to workflow, including support for touch gestures on Wacom graphics tablets and on general-purpose tablets like the Windows Surface Pro.

Users can move, rotate or transform layers with standard gesture controls. There are also now button controls to flip layers vertically or horizontally.

There are also a number of improvements to the user interface, which you can read about via the link below.

Pricing and availability
Rebelle 1.5 is shipping for Windows and Mac OS X. The update is free to registered users. New licences of the software cost $59.99.

Read a full list of new features in Rebelle 1.5 on Escape Motions’ blog

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