Wednesday, January 7th, 2015 Posted by Jim Thacker

The Foundry releases free MakerBot kit for Modo

The Foundry has released a free MakerBot kit for Modo, enabling users to publish models directly to the 3D printer manufacturer’s Thingiverse online community, or save them privately using the MakerBot Cloud Library.

Thingiverse is one of the largest online 3D design communities, offering more than 500,000 downloadable digital 3D files, all intended for 3D printing.

According to The Foundry, features of the MakerBot kit include:

  • Load and save .thing files due to native file support
  • Authenticate MakerBot accounts from inside Modo
  • Explore Thingiverse and download free objects/files
  • Update or delete objects on Thingiverse and in their own personal MakerBot Cloud Library from within Modo
  • Generate photorealistic renderings of objects and upload the cover image for each item to Thingiverse and/or the MakerBot Cloud Library from inside Modo
  • Upload and store Modo files (.lxo) on Thingiverse and/or in their MakerBot Cloud Library for improved editing and easy sharing with other MakerBot users

The plugin is available now for Windows and Mac OS X.

Download The Foundry’s free MakerBot kit for Modo