Wednesday, November 19th, 2014 Posted by Jim Thacker

IDV launches SpeedTree Modeler for Unity 5

IDV has launched SpeedTree Modeler for Unity 5, enabling artists developing content with the game engine to integrate customisable tree assets, complete with level of detail and wind forces.

Works with the pre-release beta of Unity 5
Unity 5, which is currently available in beta for subscribers and pre-orders, includes runtime integration with SpeedTree, making it compatible with the readymade assets in IDV’s SpeedTree store.

Those assets come with readymade LoD systems, wind forces and seasonal variations, but to adjust other parameters – or to create your own unique assets – you’ll need SpeedTree Modeler itself.

The software offers a number of ways to create new trees, including editing node graphs, adjusting numeric parameters or drawing forms by hand. The assets support collision and other forces, and animated growth.

Pricing and availability
SpeedTree Modeler for Unity 5 is available now for Windows and Mac OS X on a rental-only basis, priced at $19/month. Assets created with the software do not expire when rental ends, and there are no other royalties.

SpeedTree Modeler is already available for Unreal Engine. IDV also produces a range of other standalone tools based on the same technology.

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