Wednesday, September 3rd, 2014 Posted by Jim Thacker

Eye candy: Maxon’s new Cinema 4D showreels

Maxon has posted a couple of nice new showreels for Cinema 4D. (Actually, they’ve been out for a few weeks, but with the release of Cinema 4D R16, today seemed like a good time to showcase them.)

The NAB reel (above) is snappiest: a two-minute blast of colour and light. There’s some great motion graphics work from Ghost Town Media‘s Absolut ‘Greyhound’ spot, and Cantina Creative’s Iron Man 3 HUD visuals.

But there are also great full-CG spots from Beeple and Luxx, and if you haven’t seen David Lewandowski’s Late For Meeting in its entirety, you should drop what you’re doing for 100 seconds and rectify that right now.

The architecture reel (above) is more predictable, but there are some very nice still images, and immortal-arts‘ dynamic flythroughs of large urban environments make it worth sticking around for the end.

Watch more videos on Maxon’s YouTube channel