Wednesday, July 2nd, 2014 Posted by Jim Thacker

Krita 2.8 brings open-source paint tool to Windows users

An early preview of Krita 2.8’s new Color Balance filter. The new version of the open-source paint package, which includes a long list of other new features, is the first one fully supported on Windows as well as Linux.

Originally posted on 5 March. Scroll down for updates.

Open-source paint package Krita continues its transition from fan favourite to serious professional tool with Krita 2.8, described by the developers as the first release “fully supported” on Windows.

Limited Windows support was first introduced last year, in version 2.7.

Better support for graphics tablets
As a side benefit of the Windows port, the software’s tablet support has now been completely rewritten, providing native support for non-Wacom graphics tablets, and smoother drawing performance all round.

Linux users also get Krita Gemini: the option to switch from the desktop interface to the Krita Sketch touch-based interface, which is now bundled with the new release.

More tools for painting large images
There are also a lot of features for working on very large images, including a new high-quality scaling mode for the OpenGL canvas, a ‘pseudo-infinite’ canvas, and a new Wrap Around mode for tiling textures.

Other new functionality includes a nice-looking Clone Array tool; improved colour-picking options; a new Color Balance filter; and beta support for G’MIC-based filters.

The UI and workflow have been further tidied up, and there are a lot of smaller updates.

Versions and availability
Krita 2.8 is currently available in two completely free editions: the Desktop version for Windows and Linux and Krita Sketch for Windows tablets. A version for Ultrabooks will soon be available via Steam.

There is also the newish Krita Studio: a Windows and Linux version with commercial support and training, intended for games and VFX facilities.


Updated 2 July: The Krita Foundation has released Krita for OS X – or a proof-of-concept build, at any rate. You’ll need to install it via Terminal, and it’s still missing quite a few features.

You can help the Mac version become production-ready faster by backing Krita’s Kickstarter campaign. The campaign just hit its main €15,000 target, but OS X support is a €75,000 stretch goal.

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Download Krita 2.8 for Linux

Download Krita 2.8 for Windows