Monday, July 7th, 2014 Posted by Jim Thacker

Imagination retires Caustic Visualizer for Maya
Caustic Visualizer for Maya 1.3: the final release of Imagination Technology’s interactive viewport rendering plugin. The developer has just retired the software, along with its R2100 and R2500 raytracing cards.

Imagination Technologies has retired Caustic Visualizer for Maya, its interactive viewport rendering plugin, and its R2100 and R2500 dedicated raytracing cards.

The products gained good reviews from early testers and gained a fair amount of media attention on their release last year – including from CG Channel ourselves – but seemingly, not enough actual sales.

Technology continued as SketchUp add-on
Visualizer continues as a $20 SketchUp product, and Imagination continues to develop real-time raytracing hardware, in the shape of its PowerVR mobile GPUs.

Users of the discontinued products get until 11 July to access forum messages or send support requests.

Read the official end of life announcement for Caustic Visualizer and the R2100 and R2500