Monday, February 17th, 2014 Posted by Jim Thacker

Clovis Gay releases Fur Guides Painter for 3ds Max

Fur Guides Painter, Clovis Gay’s 3ds Max plugin for styling hair more easily. Bear in mind that the video is a tech demo: Gay notes that it’s about “showing natural-looking fur flow … not about the renderings”.

Former Imaginarium character TD Clovis Gay has released Fur Guides Painter, a new plugin designed to speed up the process of styling hair in Ornatrix, or using 3ds Max’s native Hair and Fur modifier.

Tools for styling fur faster
Fur Guides Painter provides a set of brushes for modifying hair parameters, replacing Max’s own tools; and the option to paint hair guides onto a mesh freehand.

According to Gay: “This tool will let you concentrate on the shading and the look of your fur. You will almost never have to use the [standard] brushes any more, and your fur styling will never take more than 10 mins.”

Fur Guides Painter costs €30 (around $41). You’ll need to contact Gay via his website to order it.

Read more about Fur Guides Painter on Clovis Gay’s website