Monday, March 25th, 2013 Posted by Jim Thacker

Maya and Softimage 2014 user guides leak online


User guides for Maya 2014 and Softimage 2014 appear to have leaked online for a few hours yesterday. Both software packages are due to be unveiled officially at tomorrow’s Unfold event.

Originally posted on 25 March: Scroll down for updates

Autodesk inadvertently made the user guides for Maya 2014 and Softimage 2014 accessible online yesterday, according to threads on many CG community forums.

The pages in question have now been taken offline again, but if you look hard enough, you can find screenshots taken at the time and information archived in Google’s page cache.

Autodesk is due to unveil both products officially tomorrow, along with 3ds Max, Mudbox and MotionBuilder 2014, so we’ll save a detailed discussion of the new features for then.

Until then, we’ve rounded up the longer threads, along with Autodesk’s official technology preview videos.

Forum threads
Read the discussion on CGTalk (both Maya and Softimage)
Read the discussion on the Luxology forum (both Maya and Softimage)
Read the discussion on (Softimage only)

Watch official Autodesk preview videos
Maya’s grease pencil tool
Maya’s modelling and retopology tools
Softimage’s camera sequencer

Updated 26 March: The information for Autodesk’s 2014 releases is now live on its website.

A few things are still being worked on, but the entries for 3ds Max 2014, Maya 2014 and Softimage 2014 seem largely complete. The site also now shows Autodesk’s new brand identies and logos.

We’ll post a longer story on this later.