Monday, November 25th, 2013 Posted by Jim Thacker

Tyroe lets you rank your CG skills against other job hunters

Frustrated by the way recruitment works in the CG industry? New online service Tyroe aims to take the pain out the process – both for job hunters and for studios.

Launched by the team behind online mentoring service, Tyroe is intended to provide aspiring artists – those with less than five years’ industry experience – with a ‘one-click’ profile-creation system.

The resulting portfolio is designed to present the key information needed by industry recruiters in a concise, single-page format, accessible on any device.

Rather than wading through hundreds of poorly formatted resumes and online profiles, studios looking to recruit new artists can simply search the Tyroe database.

Built-in feedback on your portfolio
As well as helping artists create a portfolio that conforms to best industry practices, Tyroe sends users “detailed information about which companies are looking at your work, what jobs they are currently hiring for, and most importantly, which jobs you are being shortlisted and considered for”.

Perhaps most interestingly of all, recruiters using the service are encouraged to rate profiles out of 100, enabling artists to see how they stack up against other job hunters.

Tyroe is due to launch in 2014, but the founders are “already working closely with a number of high-profile studios” and are currently looking for artists to join the closed beta. You can request an invite via the link below.

Read more about Tyroe or request an invite to the closed beta of the service