Wednesday, September 18th, 2013 Posted by Jim Thacker

Get a free anatomy reference app from MARA3D
The original demo of MARA3D’s David Giraud – Male Anatomy. The developer is giving away one of its anatomy reference apps for free to anyone sending in a photo of another of the apps running on their system.

MARA3D is giving away one of its anatomy reference apps free to anyone who messages the developer via its Facebook page, attaching a picture of a MARA 3D app running on their system.

We wrote about the David Giraud – Male Anatomy app when it was released two years ago, but since then, the product line-up has grown to include apps covering female anatomy, facial expressions and classical statues.

You can read more about how to claim your free app from the excerpt from the MARA 3D newsletter below.

MARA3D’s email newsletter (excerpts)
“We absolutely love the desktop images you’ve been sending us and it is especially heartwarming to see how you make use of MARA. Continue sending us your awesome images via our Facebook Page to get your FREE copy of MARA (App of your choice)!”

How do you get the promo code?
1. Take a cool picture of your work space with MARA running.
2. Send us a “Private” message on our Facebook Page and attach your picture and tell us which MARA you want (Male Anatomy, Female Anatomy, Facial Expressions or Classic Sculptures).
3. I’ll send you your Promo Code and I will post your picture on our Facebook Page for all our fans to enjoy!

“Android users, Google doesn’t offer Promo Codes for the Android market place yet (only iOS/App Store does), but you can still get the promo code and give it to a friend that owns an iOS device! Android users are cool like that!

“THE PROMO CODE CAN ONLY BE USED ONCE! So please don’t message us saying I installed it and gave the code to my friend and it didn’t work!”

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