Monday, August 5th, 2013 Posted by Jim Thacker

Eye candy: Platige creates tiny talking tiger as energy drink ad

Cartoons used to depict characters’ consciences as miniature angels and demons that would hover over their shoulders, whispering suggestions in their ears. Platige Image has a rather more modern take on the subject.

In the ace Polish VFX house’s latest commercial for local energy drink Tiger, the main character’s conscience manifests as a six-inch talking tiger, intent on offering him sex advice.

Faced with the choice of going to bed after a party, or going to bed with the girl sitting next to him, the tiny tempter advises the latter.

“But that’s just me,” he says. “I reached sexual maturity when I was four. When you were four, you reached the height of 3′ 6″.”

Life of Pi, this ain’t. But it is beautifully realised, using a combination of Maya, Arnold, Nuke and the Yeti fur plugin. Plus, the CG tiger is both adorable and ever-so-slightly disturbing, all at the same time.

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