Friday, March 29th, 2013 Posted by Jim Thacker

Raylight releases XrayCat Survival Toolkit for 3ds Max

CAT ST speeds up 3ds Max character animation workflow. See more videos on Raylight’s YouTube channel.

Originally posted on 4 January: scroll down for updates.

XrayUnwrap and XrayBlendSkin creator Raylight has announced XrayCat Survival Toolkit (or ‘CAT ST’ for short): a new plugin designed to speed up workflow in 3ds Max’s CAT character animation system.

Extending CAT’s native tools
The tool adds shortcuts for the most common tasks when setting up a rig, plus new Layer and Clip Managers – the latter useful for backing up CAT layers and applying them to a new rig.

There is also a new Pose Manager (shown above), which enables users to “copy and paste poses [in Animation Mode], mirror the rig, [and] swap arms, hands, legs and feet with only one mouse click.”

Rig poses are stored with a preview image, making them easier to browse, and a Limb Animation section is included “to switch between IK and FK mode when animating a limb”.

The plugin comes with a set of utilities for importing BIP, BVH, HTR files and other motion-capture data, plus Raylight’s fixed rig resizer script.

Updated 29 March: XrayCat ST is now shipping for 3ds Max 2009 and above. A single licence costs $39.99.

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