Thursday, June 16th, 2016 Posted by Jim Thacker

Raylight Games releases XrayUnwrap 2.0 for Maya


Image created by John Draisey using XrayUnwrap for Maya.

Raylight Games has released XrayUnwrap 2.0 for Maya, the latest update to its UV unwrapping tool, adding new selection, seam and UV organisation tools, and a new option for symmetrical unwrapping.

Designed as an inexpensive “single-click solution” for UV unwrapping, XrayUnwrap provides a set of key tools for UV work. Version 2.0 is intended to make workflow more flexible without sacrificing that simplicity.

Still simple to use, but now more flexible
If you’re familiar with the 3ds Max version of the plugin, version 2.0 of which shipped last October, you’ll be familiar with the new features added in the Maya version.

The selection tools have been reworked, with options to select by vertex, edge, polygon, element or UV shell; and the seam tools have been enhanced, including the option to add seams to any selected edge automatically.

In addition, there is a new Shell re-symmetry option, which flips one side of a UV island onto the other and averages the result to create a symmetrical UV map.

There are also new options for aligning, sorting and overlapping UV shells to customise use of UV space.

Other new features include four new checkermaps for verifying unwraps for artefacts; and a Multi tiles UV offset option, for managing UVs in the UDIM format used by Mari.

Pricing and availability
XrayUnwrap 2.0 is available for 64-bit Maya 2008 and above. The price has risen a bit since the 1.0 release, but not that much: the plugin costs €39.99 (around $45).

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