Friday, September 6th, 2013 Posted by Jim Thacker

Sneak peek: Raylight’s XrayCat 1.5 for Max

Originally posted on 16 July. Scroll down for updates.

Raylight has released a sneak peek video for XrayCat ST 1.5, the latest update to its collection of tools designed to speed up 3ds Max’s character animation workflow.

Version 1.5 includes a completely rewrite to XRayJoyCreator Pro, which creates joystick controllers for rigs.

Controllers can be eight-directional, and support an infinite number of CAT layers or morph targets for each directional point. Layers may be weighted individually; and the results edited non-destructively.

Raylight notes the workflow is a useful way to apply corrective shapes to rigs.

There are also a number of UI tweaks and workflow improvements, particularly to the Layer Manager. Raylight also says that it is working on a Pose Manager for the toolset.

Updated 9 August: Raylight has released an official narrated trailer for XrayCat ST 1.5 (above), which goes into more detail about how the new features work.

Updated 6 September: XrayCat ST 1.5 is now shipping. A single licence costs $49.99.

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