Monday, January 14th, 2013 Posted by Jim Thacker

Video tutorial: Blow stuff up in 3ds Max

The introduction to the second part of Louis Marcoux’s video guide to creating believable destruction in 3ds Max. You can see the remaining videos on Marcoux’s blog.

Autodesk’s Louis Marcoux has released the second part of his video guide to creating believable destruction sequences in 3ds Max – or as he puts it more simply, ‘blowing up stuff’.

The videos are based around a class Marcoux gave at Autodesk University 2011, and are divided into three sections: pre-fragmentating your models, simulating their destruction, and adding detail.

The first part was released on Marcoux’s blog last year, and the second set of videos have just gone live, covering rigid bodies, soft bodies, constraints and particles: over an hour of footage in total.

Marcoux says that he hopes to have the final instalment live shortly.

Visit Louis Marcoux’s blog on Autodesk’s AREA community site