Monday, January 7th, 2013 Posted by Jim Thacker

Jasper Brekelmans unveils new Brekel Kinect tools

Jasper Brekelmans’ existing Kinect-based facial-capture tool Brekel Kinect Pro Face in action. The indie mocap pioneer has just released separate packages for full-body capture and recording point clouds.

[Originally posted on: 4 November 2012. Scroll down for the update.]

Low-cost mocap pioneer Jasper Brekelmans has announced new versions of his Brekel Kinect Pro software for full-body and point-cloud capture.

Brekel Kinect Pro Body and Brekel Kinect Pro PointCloud will join existing facial-capture tool Brekel Kinect Pro Face, which came out earlier this year. All use Microsoft’s Kinect game peripheral to record data.

According to Brekelmans’ website, Brekel Kinect Pro Body is supports hand, foot and head rotations, and is capable of tracking two actors. It can record to disk in FBX, BVH or TXT format, or stream live to MotionBuilder.

Brekel Kinect Pro PointCloud records at 30fps, and supports a range of mesh cache and particle formats including Alembic, OBJ, RealFlow .bin, and Houdini and Krakatoa’s native particle formats.

Updated 7 January 2013: Both Brekel Kinect Pro Body and Kinect Pro Point Cloud are now shipping. Like Kinect Pro Face, they cost $99 each, or discounts are available on bundle deals. Not surprisingly, all are Windows-only.

Visit Jasper Brekelmans’ website

Download a trial version of Brekel Kinect Pro Body

Download a trial version of Brekel Kinect Pro Point Cloud

Buy Brekel Kinect professional software from Brekelmans’ new online shop