Friday, August 28th, 2015 Posted by Jim Thacker

Jasper Brekelmans unveils Brekel Multi Sensor

Indie mocap pioneer Jasper Brekelmans has unveiled Brekel Multi Sensor, a new tool that enables users of his Brekel Pro PointCloud and Brekel Pro Body software to use multiple Kinect sensors to capture data.

The new software is currently available as a free alpha to registered users of version 2 of either app.

Capture point cloud data using multiple Kinect sensors
Released last year, Brekel Pro PointCloud 2 enables users to capture point cloud data of actors and surrounding environments using Microsoft’s low-cost Kinect v2 sensor.

The data can be streamed directly into Maya or Unity.

Brekel Multi Sensor extends the capture process from one Kinect to a theoretically unlimited number – Brekelmans says he has tested with up to four – helping to fill in the occluded areas of a capture volume.

You will need a separate PC for every sensor you use, however: due to PCI-e bandwith limitations, Microsoft’s Kinect drivers only support one sensor per machine.

Pricing and availability
Brekel Multi Sensor is available as a free alpha to registered users of Brekel Pro PointCloud 2 or Brekel Pro Body 2. It currently works only with Pro PointCloud, with Pro Body support coming soon.

Brekelmans says that he also plans to investigate making the new tool compatible with his Brekel Pro Face 2 facial-capture software. So far, there are no details of the commercial release date or pricing.

Read the online FAQs for Brekel Multi Sensor
(Includes link to register for the alpha)