Friday, May 16th, 2014 Posted by Jim Thacker

Jasper Brekelmans unveils Brekel Pro Hands

Low-cost mocap tools pioneer Jasper Brekelmans has unveiled Brekel Pro Hands, a new software package that enables users to motion-capture hand and finger movements using an $80 Leap Motion sensor.

The tool works in real-time, recording data in FBX, BVH, CSV and TXT formats, and users can specify a bone axis to comply with the character rig they want the data to drive.

It can also record in sync with the other Brekel Pro applications, which include tools for facial and full-body motion capture, and for capturing point cloud data.

Brekel Pro Hands is currently in public beta: you can sign up to test it via the link below.

Register on Jasper Brekelmans’ website to beta test Brekel Pro Hands