Wednesday, January 9th, 2013 Posted by Jim Thacker

Substance Bonus Tools for Maya 2 now available

The original Substance Bonus Tools for Maya in action, in a video recorded in 2011. Allegorithmic has just updated the collection of free utilities, designed to make it easier to work with Substances in Maya.

Allegorithmic has updated Substance Bonus Tools for Maya, its collection of helper utilities for working with the Substance procedural texture format integrated natively within Maya.

According to the developer’s newsletter: “This new update is still free and brings numerous new tools to ease your life working with Maya and Substance: new example scenes, scripts and compatibility with all renderers (not only mental ray, but RenderMan, Arnold, etc.)”

Substance Bonus Tools for Maya 2 is available now for Windows, Mac OS X and Linux. According to Allegorithmic, it will update automatically every time the developer adds further new tools to the collection.

Download Substance Bonus Tools for Maya 2