Monday, September 17th, 2012 Posted by Jim Thacker

xoio releases more free photographic cutout people

Architectural visualisation agency xoio has just released 65 free photographic cutouts of people for use in visualisation or illustration work.

The latest batch of cutouts follows the 19 that xoio released last year. The studio has now set up a separate website, xoio-air, to distribute its free content.

The new cutouts show the xoio team itself, recorded on an exterior shoot against a greenscreen wall.

According to the company’s blog post, “Our models might not be [your] first choice, but then again, everybody in our team [looks] all right.”

It’s hard to argue with that. Particularly not when you’re getting the cutouts for free.

Updated 23 February: Another 65 cutouts have been added to the xoio-air site, making 130 in total. A third and final set will go online “when spring breaks. I guess by then you really will have had enough of our faces!”

Updated 17 September: it wasn’t quite when spring broke, but the third and final batch of xoio cutouts is now online. According to the blog, it shows the same characters from a new lighting angle.

It’s a 330MB download, so we confess we haven’t downloaded the entire thing to count how many you get.

Download xoio’s 65 new free photographic cutout people

Visit the xoio-air homepage