Sunday, February 16th, 2020 Posted by Jim Thacker

Download 40 free Viz-People photographic cutout people

Online asset library Viz-People has released a new set of 15 free cutout photographic people for use in architectural visualisation and CG work.

The cutouts, which include men and women of a range of ages, ethnic backgrounds and styles of dress, are provided in PNG format at 4,000px in height, and are licensed for use in commercial work.

More free cutout people available on Viz-People’s website
The collection is Viz-People’s fourth set of free cutouts of adults, making 40 free cutouts in total. The others can be found on the Free Stuff section of its website, along with free cutouts of kids and pets.

The cutouts are selections from the company’s commercial collections of 2D people. The site also sells collections of 3D models of furniture, buildings and vehicles, and of HDRIs and sky backgrounds.

Download the 15 new free cutout photographic people

Download more free photographic cutout people and animals from from Viz-People’s website