Tuesday, March 27th, 2012 Posted by Jim Thacker

eyeon Software ships Dimension for Fusion

eyeon Software has released Dimension, its stereoscopic production and optical flow toolset for Fusion.

Dimension is intended to solve common real-world stereoscopic production issues with greater accuracy and interactivity than manual systems. According to the product website, the software contains tools for:

  • Polarization/color differences from mirror rigs
  • Defocus differences between two cameras
  • Timing sync differences between two cameras for temporal consistency
  • Alignment reparation
  • Re-convergence and eye separation
  • Interaxial shifting
  • Disparity generation
  • Disparity to Depth and Depth to Disparity transformations

The demo video above shows the new tools in action, including an example of adding fog to a stereo shot.

The separate optical flow toolset includes options for retiming shots, dust and scratch removal, grain reduction and adding motion blur and vector effects.

Dimension is compatible with Fusion 6.31 and above. A single licence costs $995, while a licence of Fusion itself costs $2,495. Both figures include one year of subscription support.

Visit the Dimension product website