Tuesday, June 29th, 2010 Posted by CG Channel Administration

eyeon Software Ships Fusion 6.1

eyeon Software announced today the release of their latest version of Fusion’s new Supercomputing compositing software for Linux and Windows.

Fusion 6.1 utilizes the powerful, low-cost GPU to create assets and layers in real time. The extensive tool set that imports scenes from 3D animation packages allows for a much tighter integrated workflow between departments and applications. This open flexibility also increases industry support for technologies such as RenderMan® and RED® Camera MYSTERIUM X™. Relighting and sophisticated finishing offer more control and transparent collaboration between the compositing artists. OpenCL supercomputing is a fresh and innovative use of today’s massively parallel GPU. By speeding up computationally extensive operations such as Defocus, Fusion 6.1 allows the artist to instantly visualize sophisticated mathematical operations that compile code on-the-fly for use by the new generation graphics cards.

Some of the new features include:

  • OpenCL GPU Supercomputing
  • RenderMan® support
  • Python scripting
  • RED® camera MYSTERIUM X™ support
  • Particle system and geometry enhancements
  • Particle caching
  • Relighting enhancements
  • Full importing of scenes with matched animation curves
  • Importing of stereo cameras
  • FBX multi level materials support from all major 3D applications
  • Film Grain tool
  • Hue Curves and colour suppression tool
  • Local file caching options
  • Increased metadata support
  • Coordinate transfer modifier enhancements

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