Monday, March 12th, 2012 Posted by Jim Thacker

Act-3D ships Quest3D 5.0

Act-3D has released Quest3D 5.0, a new version of its tool for creating real-time 3D applications.

Version 5.0 incorporates QFramework, a new open-source render framework supporting screen-space ambient occlusion, deferred rendering, a procedural sky, volumetric lighting and ocean rendering.

Other new features include support for the Newton 2.0 physics engine; VRPN support; a new file import system, including better support for OBJ, FBX, 3DS, MAX, DXF and DAE files; and a 64-bit version.

An extended version of Lumion?
Quest3D was originally positioned as a general-purpose tool for creating real-time demos, so it’s interesting to see that the demo for version 5.0 shows it in use to create architectural content, much like Lumion, Act-3D’s newer visualisation tool.

Unlike Lumion, Quest-3D is capable of publishing scenes as standalone executables that can run on any computer. It also enables users to author their own HLSL shaders, or customise the 3D engine itself, the latter via a node-based visual programming environment.

Quest3D 5.0 is available now for Windows only. The software comes in two versions: the €2,999 ($3,930) Power edition, and the €9,999 ($13,100) VR edition, which adds support for motion tracking and an extended SDK.

You can find a feature comparison table on the Quest3D website.

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