Tuesday, January 17th, 2012 Posted by Jim Thacker

e-on software releases Vue 10 RenderNodes for Linux

e-on software’s 2010 customer reel. The developer has just launched a new Linux-based rendering solution suitable for VFX studios using Vue for large-scale movie work.

e-on software has released Vue 10 RenderNodes for Linux: its first Linux-based product.

The nodes, which cost $300 per seat, enable users running Linux-based renderfarms to network render any Vue scene: something that should please large studios such as DreamWorks, Weta Digital, ILM and Framestore, all of which have used Vue in movie work.

e-on is currently considering whether there is enough demand for an xStream RenderNode, which would be compatible with the Linux versions of Vue 10 xStream’s host 3D applications.

Open source fans shouldn’t plan world domination just yet, though: e-on has no plans to port Vue itself to Linux.

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