Friday, July 1st, 2011 Posted by Jim Thacker

Fxhome ships layer-based compositor for under $150

Fxhome has released a new layer-based editing and compositing package for under $150.

The feature list of HitFilm Standard suggests that it includes a reasonable basic range of editing, effects, keying and grading tools. As you might expect of a 1.0 release, the toolset has a long way to go before it rivals After Effects – but at just $149, it is $850 cheaper.

A $399 Ultimate edition of the software adds particle systems, support for 3D tracking data and increases the resolution limit to 4K.

The product website advertises a “genuine 3D environment”, although as far as we can see, while the compositing layers exist within 3D space, only the particles systems themselves are actually three-dimensional.

The developer was previously known for its budget effects and compositing packages EffectsLab Pro and CompositeLab Pro. The URLs for both products now redirect to the HitFilm website, but as yet, we aren’t sure whether the technology has been incorporated into HitFilm, or if it simply supersedes the older apps.

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