Friday, November 2nd, 2012 Posted by Jim Thacker

FXhome releases HitFilm 2 Ultimate

FXhome has released HitFilm 2 Ultimate, the latest version of its inexpensive editing, compositing and effects package – now including a bundled versions of Imagineer Systems’ high-end mocha tracking software.

Although usually though of as a hobbyist package, HitFilm 2 Ultimate features a surprisingly wide range of professional features, including 3D compositing, keying, 3D particles and procedural destruction tools.

The latest release also includes mocha HitFilm, a “special licensed version of mocha’s 3D camera solver”.

HitFilm 2 projects can also now be loaded in Sony’s Vegas Pro 12 without exporting. The software is capable of working up to 4k resolution.

HitFilm Ultimate 2 is available for Windows Vista and above, price $399. A free Standard edition and $149 Express edition are also available, but lack advanced features like mocha HitFilm.

Read more about HitFilm 2 Ultimate on the FXhome website

Compare the three editions of HitFilm 2

Download the demo version of HitFilm 2 Ultimate (export limited to 30 seconds, SD resolution)