Tuesday, July 12th, 2011 Posted by Jim Thacker

Evermotion releases new unbiased renderer

Evermotion has released its new unbiased render engine, NOX, as an open beta. The software is free even for commercial jobs.

Best known for its high-quality architectural assets, NOX marks Evermotion’s major foray into software development. The renderer is available as a standalone Windows executable with a plug-in to link it to 3ds Max.

A linking script is also available for Blender users.

As with other similar applications, such as Maxwell Render and the open source LuxRender, NOX uses the Metropolis Light Transport method to calculate global illumination.

The software includes a standard range of features of a renderer of this type, including support for multilayered materials, physical camera settings, a sun/sky system and a range of post processes – although, as yet, no normal or displacement mapping, and no subsurface scattering.

Update (13 July): The download is live, but requires you to be logged into the site.

Visit the NOX homepage
(Download requires you to be logged into the site.)

Read a brief feature list for NOX

View more video tutorials on Evermotion’s website