Friday, June 17th, 2011 Posted by Jim Thacker

$99 tool adds MotionBuilder functionality to Maya

IKinema has released a new $99 educational version of its motion-editing plug-in for Maya, also called IKinema.

The software enables some users to cut MotionBuilder out of a motion-capture pipeline, performing retargeting, retiming and motion blending directly inside Maya.

“Traditionally [our retargeting workflow] would happen in MotionBuilder, but with IKinema we [can] bring the data straight into Maya,” Framestore’s senior motion-capture TD Gary Marshall told 3D World earlier this year.

IKinema also automates the rigging process, working on almost any mesh, including biped, quadruped and non-organic characters; and provides basic forces and balance functions.

The software is available for Maya 2009 and above for Windows, Mac and Linux. The commercial version of IKinema for Maya costs $495.

Read full details on the IKinema website