Friday, May 27th, 2011 Posted by Jim Thacker

Allegorithmic ships grunge and normal-mapping tools

Procedural texturing specialist Allegorithmic has just released new grunge and normal-map-generation tools.

The new Grunge Maps Toolkit enables users to blend grunge textures procedurally in 3ds Max 2012 or Maya 2012, or generate grunge brushes for use in a 2D application. It costs $30.

Released last month, the Bitmap2Material filter turns a photographic image into a seamlessly tiling texture, and generates a full range of maps, including bump, normal and AO. Allegorithmic describes the tool as “like CrazyBump on steroids”. It costs $149 and is compatible with 3ds Max 2012 and Maya 2012.

Send in your requests
According to Allegorithmic, it plans to release more “small tools” like this in the future, and is actively soliciting ideas from the user community.

“We want to focus on simple stuff that make artists happy, so any request from the community is more than welcome,” community manager Jeremie Noguer told us.

Visit the Bitmap2Material homepage (Includes download link for demo)

Visit the Grunge Maps Toolkit homepage