Monday, April 18th, 2011 Posted by Jim Thacker

Mari to get Ptex support

Image ©2009 Fox. Image courtesy of Weta Digital.

We missed this one when it was announced at NAB last week, but for those of you who also weren’t paying enough attention: The Foundry has just announced support for the UV-less Ptex workflow in Mari.

The news follows the announcement of Ptex support in Mudbox 2012, which began shipping this month.

Mari 1.3 will also feature displacement preview using dynamic mesh tesselation and tiled textures with masking. Release dates when we have them.

MARI 1.3, previewing at NAB 2011, brings a UV-less texturing workflow with the addition of PTex support, following a groundbreaking technology sharing agreement with Walt Disney Studios. Displacement preview using dynamic mesh tessellation, tiled textures with masking, snapshots and environment mapping are also new, helping artists be more efficient and accurate, completing work in one paint package.

“As much as I hate using a clichéd saying, MARI is a breath of fresh air for texture painters dealing with demanding resolutions, levels of detail and bit depths. Finally we have an application developed with large scale production in mind, and it’s an absolute pleasure to use.” Leigh van der Byl, CGTalk administrator and texture artist