Thursday, January 27th, 2011 Posted by Jim Thacker

Mari 1.2 now shipping

The Foundry has released a new update to Mari, its high-resolution 3D texture painting tool, adding Python integration, texture mirroring, real-time fractal noise shaders, a levels filter and improved GPU support.

Although The Foundry comments that the texture mirroring feature doesn’t amount to full symmetry mirroring yet, “it should be useful for those of you with symmetrical UVs”.

The new features add up to a substantial boost to productivity and pipeline integration, although users of ATI graphics cards will be disappointed that the list of recommended hardware still only features Nvidia GPUs.

In a post on CGSociety Mari product manager Jack Greasley reveals that the developer is looking at including its ‘proof of concept’ support for the UV-free Ptex texture-mapping system in the next release.

Read the full Mari 1.2 release notes here

Download Mari 1.2 (trial version)