Friday, December 17th, 2010 Posted by Jim Thacker

Google Body Browser gives instant anatomy reference

A new Google app looks set to provide instant anatomical reference material for digital sculptors.

The beta of Google Body Browser provides an interactive 3D view of a female model (there doesn’t seem to be a male equivalent yet), which the user can rotate and zoom in real time. Sliders set the visibility of each individual organ system; or a single master slider can be used to strip away each one in turn, beginning at the skin and working inward towards the skeleton.

The model is provided by the specialist medical visualisation stock asset company Zygote Media Group.

The site requires a WebGL-capable browser (like the latest beta of Google Chrome, it helpfully reminds you), but otherwise requires no setup.

Given the limits of screen resolution, it won’t replace anatomical reference books just yet, but it’s still a very handy resource for anyone who needs to know where the latissiumus dorsi inserts in a hurry.

Visit Google Body Browser online