Tuesday, September 16th, 2014 Posted by Jim Thacker

Ten24 ships Skull Sketcher anatomy reference app

Ten24 has released Skull Sketcher, a free anatomy reference app. Based on the firm’s high-resolution 3D scan data, the Windows app enables artists to view a virtual skull from any angle and customise the lighting.

There’s a sketch rendering mode that only shows the outline of the skull, and you can export reference screenshots from either realistic or stylised renders, complete with tonemapping and sharpening options.

Users also have the option to switch between male and female skulls, or to hide part of the skull.

All in all, a pretty neat freebie. You have to sign up for Ten24’s mailing list to get it, but they promise “not to spam you with irrelevant nonsense”.

Download Skull Sketcher (Registration required, Windows only)