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Get Hedgehog Labs’ free Substance Painter Live Link

Wednesday, October 25th, 2017 | Posted by Jim Thacker

Originally posted on 13 October 2017. Scroll down for updates.

Hedgehog Labs – aka tools developer Ymmanuel Flores – has released Substance Painter Live Link: a neat free live-linking tool for Substance Painter and Blender, Maya or Modo.

Transfer 3D assets from Substance Painter to other 3D apps with a single click
Substance Painter Live Link does pretty much what the name implies, creating a near-live link between Allegorithmic’s texture-painting software and another DCC application.

Once the two are linked, changes made to an asset in Substance Painter can be sent to the other application with a click of a button, making it much quicker to generate test renders.

At the minute, it works with Modo; Maya, including both the Arnold and Redshift renderers; and Blender, including both Cycles and the new Eevee real-time render engine due in Blender 2.8.

The software is currently officially in beta, but it sounds like it will always remain free.

On the Gumroad page, Hedgehog Labs writes: “I think this should be a default functionality of Substance Painter and that is why I’m giving it up for free, so everyone can have it.”

Any donations will go towards development of linking plugins for other 3D applications: the wish list includes 3ds Max, Cinema 4D, Houdini and Marmoset Toolbag, plus the Corona, OctaneRender and V-Ray renderers.

Updated 25 October 2017: Hedgehog Labs’ latest update to Substance Painter Live Link adds support for 3ds Max and the V-Ray renderer, along with support for textures in UDIM format in Modo and Maya.

Availability and system requirements
Substance Painter Live Link is available via Hedgehog Labs’ Gumroad page via the link below. You can enter a figure of $0 to download it for free, or choose to make a voluntary donation.

The plugin works with Substance Painter 2017+ and 3ds Max 2017+, Modo 10+, Maya and Maya LT 2017+, and Blender 2.79+ running on Windows and Mac OS X. Linux support is planned for a future update.

The 3ds Max and Maya plugins support the Arnold 5, Redshift and V-Ray renderers.

Download Hedgehog Labs’ free Substance Painter Live Link from Gumroad

See more videos of the plugin in action on Hedgehog Labs’ YouTube channel

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