Tuesday, July 9th, 2024 Posted by Jim Thacker

Left Angle releases Autograph 2024.7

Left Angle has released Autograph 2024.7, the latest version of its content creation and compositing tool for motion design and visual effects.

The update adds new tools for applying vector blur to images or video, new Stroke and Posterize modifiers, and improves workflow in the 3D toolset.

An alternative to After Effects for motion graphics and VFX work
Released last year, Autograph is pitched as a next-gen tool for motion design and VFX.

Like After Effects, it uses a layer-based compositing model, with its timeline featuring a standard layer stack and dope sheet, but combines it with a 3D mode for manipulating 3D assets.

3D workflow is based around Universal Scene Description, and the software has its own integrated real-time physically based renderer, Filament.

Autograph sells itself on ease of use, with its system of Generators pitched as a simpler alternative to a node graph, and Modifiers as a simpler alternative to expressions.

However, its major claim is to be the “first responsive design video software”, with workflow geared towards delivering a project at multiple resolutions and aspect ratios.

Autograph 2024.7: new vector motion blur system
Autograph 2024.7 extends users’ options for applying blur to video or images, including a new Vector Blur modifier.

The tool blurs an image using motion vectors, either imported from another CG application or generated automatically within Autograph.

New Displacement Map to Vectors and Transform to Vectors options convert displacment maps or Transforms to vectors for use with the Vector Blur modifier.

New Stroke and Posterize modifiers, and updates to 3D workflow
The update also introduces a new Stroke modifier (shown above), which generates solid-color or gradient outlines around an object, based on its alpha channel.

There is also a new Posterize modifier, which works in a similar way to the Posterize effects in other CG apps.

The 3D toolset gets a number of workflow improvements, including snapping when transforming or rotating objects, and redesigned transformation gizmos and 3D guides.

Price and system requirements
Autograph is compatible with Windows 10+, Ubuntu 22.04+ and RHEL/Rocky Linux 8+, and macOS 11.0+.

Perpetual licences of Autograph Creator, for users with annual revenue under $1 million/year, cost $945; rental costs $35/month or $315/year.

For larger companies, perpetual licences of Autograph Studio cost $1,795; rental costs $59/month or $599/year.

Read a full list of new features in Autograph 2024.7 in the online release notes

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