Thursday, February 15th, 2024 Posted by Jim Thacker

Get the free Sculpt Bridge Tool for Blender

Nodes Interactive – aka games artist and tools developer Piotr Popek – has released the Sculpt Bridge Tool, a new free modeling add-on for Blender.

The add-on enables users to create 3D strands connecting two selected parts of a mesh, in a similar way to ZBrush’s Slime Bridge tool, or to punch out a tunnel connecting them.

Generate organic-looking 3D strands connecting two points on a Blender sculpt
As the name suggests, the Sculpt Bridge Tool bridges two points on the surface of a sculpt.

Users simply use Blender’s Draw Face Sets tool to paint two regions on the surface of the mesh, then the plugin generates a 3D strand connecting them.

The form of the strand can be adjusted using simple silder controls, including the option to have the center sag under gravity.

It looks a useful way to add detail to characters, like strands of saliva, tendons, or strips of flesh, in a similar way to ZBrush’s Slime Bridge tool, introduced last year in ZBrush 2023.

Although the Sculpt Bridge Tool doesn’t have the same options for generating networks of connections as the Slime Bridge, it does have another useful-looking option: Punch Hole.

Rather than creating a strand between the two regions selected, it generates a tunnel through the mesh connecting them, providing an easy way to create organic-looking holes in objects.

Price and system requirements
The Sculpt Bridge Tool is compatible with Blender 4.0+. It uses a Royalty Free License.

Read more about the free Sculpt Bridge Tool in the plugin’s Blender Market listing

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