Wednesday, August 9th, 2023 Posted by Jim Thacker

Treezy generates animated trees inside Blender

Originally posted on 9 August 2024. Scroll down for news of the Treezy 1.1 update.

Developer IRID has released Treezy, a new Blender add-on for generating animatable trees.

The lightweight add-on generates realistic 3D trees inside the open-source software, with the option to generate wind animation, using Geometry Nodes to control the results.

Generate custom 3D trees in Blender with controllable wind animations
Treezy generates 3D trees inside Blender, using the software’s particle system to scatter leaves, flowers and fruit along the branches.

Density, placement and randomness can be adjusted through simple slider controls, as can shader properties, making it possible to set up seasonal colour variants.

It’s also possible to randomise the scale and rotation of the trees generated, to give a more natural look when populating a scene.

Users can also apply wind animation to the trees – the implementation uses Blender’s Geometry Nodes – again, with slider controls for wind strength and modulation.

The trees come with PBR textures, and can be converted to static meshes to improve performance.

Only four tree species in the initial release, but more in development
In the initial release, Treezy comes with four tree species, all of them temperate forest species: the Norway spruce, black alder, European ash and paper birch.

According to the product’s Blender Market page, more species will be added in future, along with more control parameters, distribution presets, and the option to apply forces like explosions and collisions.

Released 20 November 2023: IRID has released Treezy 1.1.

The update adds a pruning system, making it possible to remove branches from a tree by drawing lines in the viewport, as shown above, plus new branch growth adjustments.

Price and system requirements
Treezy 1.1 is available for Blender 4.0+. Since the original release, the price has risen to $29.90, up $9.90.

Read more about Treezy on the plugin’s Blender Market page