Sunday, July 23rd, 2023 Posted by Jim Thacker

Project Dogwaffle team releases Howler 2022 for free

Digital painting and image-editing app Howler 2022 is now free. It includes a lot of interesting features, like the CLAHE filter (above), which adjusts contrast selectively in different regions of an image.

The developers of hard-to-classify digital painting, animation and video processing tool Howler have made a full recent version of the app available to download for free.

Anyone downloading Howler 2022, which was originally released in 2021, is encouraged to upgrade to the current version or support the project on Patreon to raise funds for future development of the software.

An idiosyncratic low-cost natural media paint package with a lot of unexpected features
Originally released two decades ago, Howler – originally Project Dogwaffle – is an idiosyncratic sub-$100 digital painting and content creation tool for illustration and animation work.

Its core strength is natural media painting, but it throws in a number of unexpected feature sets, ranging from terrain generation and particle sculpting to video repair and rotoscoping.

You can see the features added in Howler 2022 itself in this story.

Pricing and availability
Howler 2022 is available free for Windows only. Anyone downloading it is encouraged to upgrade or support developer Dan Ritchie on Patreon to fund future work on the software.

The latest release, Howler 2024, has an MSRP of $59.99.

Download digital painting and video processing software Howler 2022 for free