Thursday, July 27th, 2023 Posted by Jim Thacker

Adobe releases Photoshop 25.0 in beta

Photoshop 25.0’s AI-based Generative Expand tool lets users extend the boundaries of an image by typing in a text description of the new background they want to generate.

Originally posted on 27 July. Adobe has now released Photoshop 25.0 officially.

Adobe has released Photoshop 25.0, a new beta build of the image-editing and digital painting software that adds a second tool based on Firefly, its generative AI toolset.

Generative Expand is an outpainting tool, using AI to extend an image beyond its current borders.

Adobe has also released Photoshop 24.7, the latest stable version, which is primarily a bugfix update.

Photoshop 25.0: new Generative Expand tool from Adobe’s Firefly generative AI toolset
Adobe began integrating Firefly into beta builds of Photoshop in May, with Generative Fill.

It enables users to select a region of an image to replace, then enter a text description of the content they would like to generate in its place, with Photoshop creating the AI-generated content as a separate layer.

Generative Expand is similar, but it’s an outpainting rather than an inpainting tool, so rather than replacing a region of image, it extends an existing image’s borders.

Users can extend the canvas using the existing Crop tool, then type in a text description of the new background they would like to generate. Again, the AI content is generated non-destructively in a new layer.

You can find more information on Adobe’s approach to generative AI, including how the firm is collecting images on which to train its generative AI models, in our artist FAQs on Firefly.

Photoshop 24.7: bugfixes for customer-reported issues
Photoshop 25.0 is the first time we can remember that Adobe has given a beta build of the software its own version number.

The actual stable release, Photoshop 24.7, is a rather smaller update, and mainly fixes user-reported bugs, including Liquify and other filters lagging on macOS.

Pricing and system requirements
Photoshop 25.0 is a beta build of the software, and can be installed via Adobe’s Creative Cloud app. Adobe hasn’t announced when the new AI features will be available in a stable release.

Photoshop 24.7 is available for Windows 10+ and macOS 11.0+ on a rental-only basis. In the online documentation, the update is also referred to as the July 2023 release.

Photography subscription plans, which include access to Photoshop and Lightroom, start at $119.88/year. Single-app Photoshop subscriptions cost $31.49/month or $239.88/year.

Read more about Generative Expand in Adobe’s beta documentation

Read a full list of new features in Photoshop 24.7 and 25.0 in the online documentation