Tuesday, May 2nd, 2023 Posted by Jim Thacker

Boris FX releases free edition of Particle Illusion 2023

Boris FX’s demo video for the new features in Particle Illusion 2023, from its orginal release as part of Continuum 2023. The firm has now released the free standalone version of the particle generator.

Boris FX has released Particle Illusion 2023, the latest version of its free particle generator for motion graphics and visual effects work.

The update extends the software’s 3D and fluid dynamics toolsets, and improves performance “up to 100%”.

Generate particle systems and render them with motion blur at resolutions up to 8K
Part of Boris FX’s Continuum suite of effects plugins for compositing and video editing software, Particle Illusion is a GPU-accelerated 2D and 3D particle generator for motion graphics and VFX work.

First released in 2020, the free standalone edition includes most of the key features of the commercial plugin, supporting unlimited particles and emitters; layers, forces and deflectors; and integrated motion blur.

The commercial version adds the option to composite particle effects directly into source footage, integrated camera tracking, and active product support. You can find a feature comparison on Boris FX’s website.

Particle Illusion 2023: new options for fluid dynamics and 3D particle systems
Particle Illusion 2023 expands the software’s fluid dynamics toolset, adding new controls for fluid swirling frequency and force falloff, and the option to make certain emitters unaffected by fluid forces.

The new 3D particle toolset, introduced in Particle Illusion 2022.5, gets the option to emit particles from the normals of imported 3D models as well as from vertices, edges or surfaces.

Performance improvements include combined calculation and rendering speeds “up to 100% faster” than the previous release: a larger speed boost than that for the original plugin release.

The interface has also been reworked, with proper grouping of related parameters in the Controls panel. Parameters that have no effect on a particular particle system are now greyed out.

Pricing and system requirements
Particle Illusion 2023 is available free for Windows 8+ and macOS 10.14+.

The commercial edition is available as a $295 Continuum premium filter for After Effects, DaVinci Resolve and Fusion, Media Composer, Nuke, Premiere Pro and Vegas Pro.

It is also available as part of Continuum itself, which costs from $695 to $1,995 according to the host applications; or via the $399 Continuum Particles Unit.

Read a full list of new features in Particle Illusion 2023

Download GPU-accelerated particle generator Particle Illusion 2023 for free from Boris FX’s website