Friday, April 28th, 2023 Posted by Jim Thacker

Check out Maxon’s gorgeous 2023 Cinema 4D demo reel

Maxon has been busy this week, releasing no fewer than six new demo reels for its CG software.

As well as individual reels for digital sculpting package ZBrush (see it here), the Redshift renderer and the Red Giant effects plugins, there are two for the Maxon One subscription bundle, one long and one short.

Is this the fastest-paced software demo reel of all time?
But our personal favourite is the one for 3D animation package Cinema 4D, which may be the most eye candy we’ve ever seen crammed into a single reel, ripping through 70 projects in just under three minutes.

The majority is cute, colourful short-form work, including commercials, games cinematics, animated shorts, and motion graphics from industry staples like Aixsponza, Ars Thanea and Trizz Studio.

Longer projects do get a look in, albeit mainly through title sequences and movie UI graphics, with the reel featuring both Territory Studio and Perception’s work on Black Panther: Wakanda Forever.

And there are some wild cards, including virtual event visuals from MP-Studio, multimedia installatinos by Moment Factory and NorthHouse‘s graphics for Wet Leg’s memorable BRIT Awards performance.

There’s even an entire one-man music video, in the shape of Peter Quinn‘s promo for Weezer’s ‘Dark Enough to See the Stars’, which features 3D elements created in Cinema 4D, as revealed in this case study.

See all of Maxon’s new demo reels on its YouTube channel

Homepage image: Blake Kathryn and TJ Gonzalez.