Monday, November 7th, 2022 Posted by Jim Thacker

Pablo Dobarro releases CozyBlanket 2.0

Originally posted on 2 September and updated with details of the final release.

Developer Pablo Dobarro has released CozyBlanket 2.0, the next major update to the iPad retopology app.

The update will add support for UV unwrapping and texture baking as well as retopology, making it possible to “prepare your models for animation, texture painting and video games using a single app”.

Turning routine tasks like retopology into an ‘enjoyable game-like process’
Released earlier this year, CozyBlanket is the first commercial tool developed by two open-source veterans: former Blender sculpting tools lead Pablo Dobarro, and Godot Engine developer Joan Fons.

The iPad app lets users retopologise 3D models by drawing the new edge flows onto the surface of a high-res model to create clean, low-res, animation-friendly geometry that can be exported in OBJ or STL format.

Sparseal describes it as making retopology “an enjoyable, game-like process similar to solving a puzzle”.

CozyBlanket 2.0: UV unwrap assets by drawing seams directly on the model
CozyBlanket 2.0 extends that workflow to UV editing, with users able to unwrap models by drawing UV seams onto their surface, then packing the resulting UV islands by rotating and resizing them in a 2D view.

Although it would be time-consuming for complex assets, it looks an intuitive way to unwrap simpler models.

Another nice feature shown in the demo video is the ability to reduce UV distortion by rotating or rescaling textures directly on the surface of the model, then dragging over its surface to relax the UVs beneath.

The update also makes it possible to bake high-resolution geometry to textures, including normal maps.

Pricing and system requirements
CozyBlanket 2.0 is available for iPads running iPadOS 15.0+. The developers recommend that you use it with an Apple Pencil stylus, but it isn’t an absolute requirement.

The base app can be downloaded for free, but is export- and save-disabled.

To unlock export functionality requires an in-app payment of $19.99; the $89.99 Retopology Pack provides access to advanced features, including the option to stream geometry to desktop apps over a local network.

Read more about CozyBlanket on the App Store