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Check out SideFX’s Fast Remesh for Houdini

Monday, August 29th, 2022 | Posted by Jim Thacker

SideFX has released Fast Remesh, a new Houdini SOP for converting models into all-triangle meshes with a custom poly count up to 25x faster than the software’s existing Remesh node.

It was released last month via the update to SideFX Labs, the firm’s collection of experimental Houdini tools, accompanying the release of Houdini 19.5, but SideFX has now posted a video tutorial on how to use it.

Convert geometry into even triangles up to 25x faster than Houdini’s standard Remesh node
Fast Remesh splits geometry up into sections and remeshes each one in parallel, reducing calculation time.

It works particularly well on highly multi-core systems: according to this forum post from developer Andrea di Nardo, it’s up to 25.5x faster than the standard Houdini Remesh node on a 24-core machine.

However, even on a dual-core laptop, it’s up to 2.5x faster.

Users can choose to partition the mesh by UV islands, by connectivity, or into even clusters, and can guide its output by setting edge lengths or a target poly count. The remeshing operation preserves UVs.

System requirements and availability
Fast Remesh is available free for Houdini 19.5 as part of the SideFX Labs toolset. It can be installed via the Houdini Launcher, or by downloading the files manually from GitHub.

Read more about the new Houdini Fast Remesh SOP on SideFX’s website

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