Tuesday, June 14th, 2022 Posted by Jim Thacker

Eye candy: Pixar’s 2022 RenderMan showreel

Pixar has released its 2022 RenderMan showreel, showcasing some of the latest animation and VFX work created with the renderer. (Full disclosure: it’s been out for a while, but we just spotted it in a tweet.)

As well as Pixar’s own animated features, like Luca, Turning Red and Lightyear, the reel features a lot of nice animation work from Atomic Cartoons, DNEG Animation and Laika.

There are also visual effects shots from some of the world’s biggest studios, with MPC Film featuring multiple times, for its work on movies like Cruella, Godzilla vs Kong and Ghostbusters Afterlife.

The reel also features (mainly) broadcast VFX from Industrial Light & Magic and Method Studios, plus a few non-VFX projects, including a Blizzard Entertainment cinematic and scientific visualisation from NASA.

Read more about RenderMan on Pixar’s product website