Wednesday, March 16th, 2022 Posted by Jim Thacker

Discover how to create killer animatics in Premiere Pro

The Gnomon Workshop has released Storyboarding Techniques: Creating a Polished Animatic, a guide to turning storyboard images into animatics using Photoshop and Premiere Pro.

The 213-minute workshop, recorded by Riot Games artist Rembert Montald, follows on from Montald’s previous workshops on creating beatboards for pre-production and storyboarding a fight sequence.

Master essential techniques for creating animatics for animations, movies and portfolios
In the new workshop, Montald shares his techniques for turning sets of storyboard images or rough animatics into final-quality videos suitable for use in planning a movie or animation, or as part of a portfolio.

Focusing on the first 16 seconds of the fight sequence he storyboarded in the previous workshop, Montald gives an in-depth explanation of his thought process on storyboarding for animation, including the importance of camera placement, and how to use camera moves to your advantage.

As well as the tutorial videos, viewers can download Montald’s final animatic as part of the workshop.

About the artist
Rembert Montald is a storyboard artist at League of Legends and Valorant developer Riot Games.

He has also created storyboards for animated movies and even theme parks, with his resume including periods of work at studios around the world, including Belgium, Croatia, Germany, Portugal and the US.

Pricing and availability
Storyboarding Techniques: Creating a Polished Animatic is available via an online subscription to The Gnomon Workshop. Subscriptions cost $49/month or $490/year. You can try the training for free.

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