Tuesday, July 27th, 2021 Posted by Jim Thacker

Insydium launches Fused

Insydium has launched Fused: a new bundle deal making all of its Cinema 4D plugins and stock assets available for under $1,000.

The bundle also includes an exclusive new add-on, procedural modelling toolset MeshTools.

Perpetual licences of all of Insydium’s Cinema 4D plugins and resources for under $1,000
Fused includes all of Insydium’s existing Cinema 4D plugins: particles and multiphysics add-on X-Particles, renderer Cycles 4D, and terrain generator TerraformFX, which the firm acquired this year.

Users also get the firm’s Cycles 4D materials packs, a collection of 360-degree HDRI skies, plus all of Insydium’s training content.

New tool: MeshTools creates complex organic and fractal-like forms
To that, Insydium has added an entirely new product, procedural modelling toolset MeshTools, which is available only through Fused.

The software enables users to stack tools non-destructively in “an almost infinite … number of ways” to create intricate organic or fractal-like forms.

Each mesh tool is a native Cinema 4D generator object, and supports falloffs, fields, shaders, selections and textures to drive the effect.

Pricing and system requirements
Insydium’s Cinema 4D plugins run on Windows and macOS. X-Particles, Cycles 4D and MeshTools are compatible with Cinema 4D R19+. Terraform4D is compatible with Cinema 4D R20+.

A perpetual licence of Fused costs $992.80. Subscriptions cost $188.34/quarter or $508.08/year. A six-month subscription to the non-commercial Learning Edition costs $99.28. All prices exclude tax.

Read more about Fused on Insydium’s website