Thursday, June 18th, 2020 Posted by Jim Thacker

Eye candy: Adobe’s new Substance in Film showreel

Adobe has posted its Substance in Film showreel, a two-minute highlights reel of the best recent VFX and animation projects created with its Substance suite of material authoring tools.

Despite the title, half the projects on the reel aren’t actually films: excellent though the commercials produced Mikros and The Mill are, they definitely aren’t movies.

The same goes for Spin VFX’s work on The Expanse (you can see a VFX breakdown here) and for Scanline VFX’s work on Game of Thrones (breakdown here), massive broadcast projects though they were.

See breakdowns of movie VFX created with Adobe’s Substance software
However, there are also actual films in the reel, and they’re some of the biggest of recent years, including Walt Disney Animation Studios’ Frozen II: the second-highest-grossing animated feature of all time.

VFX movies featured in the reel include Spider-Man: Far from Home (see a breakdown here), and First Man, Alita: Battle Angel and MiB: International (see breakdowns of DNEG’s amazing effects here, here and here).

Perhaps Substance in VFX and Animation seemed like too much of a mouthful, or perhaps Adobe wanted to draw attention to the fact that Substance Painter and Designer now get used a lot in film as well as games.

Either way, the reel is a fun way to kill 150 seconds. Check it out above.

Read more about Adobe’s Substance software on the product website