Monday, September 17th, 2018 Posted by Jim Thacker

Eye candy: Allegorithmic’s 2018 Substance VFX showreel

Allegorithmic’s texture-creation tools Substance Painter and Substance Designer may be best known for their use on AAA games, but they’re also being steadily adopted in VFX, as the firm’s new showreel reveals.

The three-minute reel, which was originally screened at FMX 2018 earlier this year, but which has just been released online, features a range of movies and commercials created using the software.

The majority are from a single studio, France’s Mikros Image, but that covers both its effects work for French-language films and Mikros MPC Advertising, formed by a merger with MPC’s Paris operation.

The reel also includes one of the winners of this year’s Oscar for Best Visual Effects, in the shape of Framestore’s work on Blade Runner: 2049 – for which, you can find a full walkthrough here.

Other neat things include the extensive breakdown clips, and the fact that the software used on each project is shown at the foot of the screen – something we wish that more developers would do in their reels.

Read more about Substance Designer and Substance Painter on Allegorithmic’s website