Saturday, February 16th, 2019 Posted by Jim Thacker

RE:Vision Effects launches RE:Grade

RE:Vision Effects has released RE:Grade, a new plugin for After Effects and Premiere Pro designed to rescue problem footage prior to colour grading.

Normalize contrast in problem footage so grading can begin
RE:Grade is designed to be used before colour correction begins, normalising the contrast in footage that has been shot poorly, including shots that have been severely over- or under-exposed.

According to RE:Vision FX, it isn’t designed to achieve a final look, but to “get [footage] into a state where it’s colour correctable”.

Other use cases include converting SDR to HDR-like video.

The plugin features a “unique” Automatic Contrast Enhancement (ACE) tool intended for footage shot in “difficult mixed-lighting … situations (such as shooting against a window)”.

It uses a multi-resolution processing method, adjusting contrast on global, local and per-pixel levels to minimise artefacts. You can gauge the quality of the results for yourself in RE:Vision Effects’ sample reel.

RE:Grade also includes “multi-app color workflow sanity saver tools”, including 3D LUT inversion.

Pricing and availability
RE:Grade 1.0 is available for After Effects CS 6+ and Premiere Pro CS 6+ running on Windows and macOS. It costs $99.95.

Read a full list of features in RE:Grade 1.0 on the product website